Getting Things Ready

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Step 2: Choose Your Site Editor

Once you create your WiX account, you'll be immediately prompted to create a new website, or will be directed to your account dashboard where you can choose "Create New Site".

2.1) Selecting Your Website Editor/Platform

WiX provides 2 different website editors for its members to use, however they are different and cost different prices when you're ready to upgrade to a premium plan.

WiX Editor: In a nut shell, choosing "WiX" (otherwise known as the WiX Editor) is the most affordable and generally the best option for most small businesses and organizations who are reading this. You still get WiX's industry-leading drag and drop editor and access to all the tools you may need to build a thriving website. Most of our readers should choose this option.

Editor X: Choosing "Editor X" provides you with an even more powerful website design tool that is really meant for developers designing websites for more high-end performance based web products for large scale companies. This costs more $$$ monthly on a premium plan than the base WiX Editor, and is more capable than what most of our audience actually needs.

2.2) Tell WiX What You're Building

WiX offers literally hundreds of designer made professional website templates, absolutely for FREE. These make a great starting point for your website project.

Simply type into the box what are you are trying to build, or what kind of business you operate.. such as "General Contractor".. and then choose "Next".

2.3) Website Add-Ons/Apps

WiX provides an entire app store full of additional apps and services built to augment your website's capabilities. Please know that most of these cost money to use, although there is usually a free alternative available.

It's okay if you don't know what you need at this point. You can simply uncheck these for now, or click "Skip" at the bottom right. All of these are accessible later if you decide you need them.

The only 2 I would typically consider adding at this point is "Blog" (if I intend to add a blog on my website) and "Forms" (if I want to accept contact forms on my website).

2.4) Confirm Using The WiX Editor

Like any good sales person, WiX will ask one more time (although subtly) for you to use the more expensive "Editor X" builder. And it will offer the WiX ADI system as well.

For most of our readers, we recommend simply choosing "Start Now" in blue, under the WiX Editor section on the left, to get this process started and to move on to choosing your website template.

NOTE: the WiX ADI is an AI system that will build a super basic website based on your answers to a few basic questions about your business. These websites never really stack up to the others as the AI just isn't good enough yet to replace a human in this process. However, if you lack basic computer literacy and struggle to even check your email on a computer, this may be a good option for you!

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