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Step 4: Adapt/Edit Website

Now is the fun part! Use the intuitive and easy to use drag & drop editor to adapt your chosen template to your business's info and needs, re-design parts of your template to better match your brand/services, or design your website from scratch!

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Adapt Your Template (Easiest)

Most of the templates provided by WiX are really well done. They are designed and created by professional web designers. If you found a template that you like that will suit your website's needs, all you may need to do now is simply edit the information listed on the website.

Pick one page to start on such as the contact page, or the home page and simply work through the website one page at a time. Find any text boxes with incorrect info (such as a filler phone number) and type in the correct info. You may also want to edit the description on the about page or in the about section if there is one. Make sure to read through each block of text to make sure your website actually says things in a way that are track with your business, policies, & branding.

Go to Step 5: Finishing Touches once completed!

Redesign Your Template (Moderate)

Although the templates provided by WiX are really well made, sometimes they just simply aren't the look and feel you're going for. That's okay! We encourage you to make the templates yours by editing and redesigning anything you see fit.

There is usually some re-designing that goes into this process, but it doesn't have to be difficult or time consuming. Simply drag, drop, click, resize, replace images, add videos, or anything else you think your website needs to be a good representation of your business or organization online. Don't forget to check the contact info listed on the website (phone numbers, email addresses, etc) and check to make sure the social buttons have your links installed.

Go to Step 5: Finishing Touches once completed!

Start From Scratch (Challenging)

Designing a website from scratch can be difficult to design and implement unless you have some prior experience. Even then it can be daunting looking at a blank canvas, trying to figure out what to include, and how to set these things up. Luckily WiX makes the actual implementation of your ideas easy!

We like starting out with good old fashioned pen & paper, and suggest you do the same. It is helpful to start with writing down the main goal(s) for the website, what functions your need it to perform (i.e. collect online form responses, click to call buttons, send leads to your funnel, sign up on your email list, etc), and then create a basic outline for how you think the website should be setup.

We like to first create the main menu you'll typically create at the top of the page, and set things in the proper order. This gives us a good sense for how to structure the website (what pages go under other pages, how many main pages we have, how many pages/categories are under one option as a drop down, etc).

Take this process slow and deliberate at the start, and get a feel for your website's style and feel as you go. Pick a page to start with (perhaps the contact page, or home page) and begin there without worrying too much about the rest of the website. Then simply take the website build one page at a time until it is completed. On every page ask yourself "What need to be included on this page?", "What do I want my site visitor to DO on this page?", and "How do they actually complete that goal?".

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Getting Started With The WiX Editor

New to designing websites on WiX? This 30min intro by the WiX team can help you get started!

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