Finishing Touches

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Step 5: Finishing Touches

Once you have your website's content nearly done, there's a few things you'll need to do to make sure your website is a success. These steps can be a bit technical, but are 100% possible to do on your own. If you would rather a professional handle these 'Finishing Touches' for you, Hire A Pro today!

3.1) Upgrade Your Site To Premium

Although your website can be hosted forever on the WiX Free Plan, we recommend upgrading to a Premium Plan as soon as possible. Some things that are considered standard expectations for your website (like a custom domain, and removing the WiX ads) are locked and need a Premium Plan to implement. Also several of the following tips require your site to be premium first, so let's take care of that now.

Which Premium Plan do I choose?

There are several tiers at different price points, but most people do fine with the "Combo" plan (for small business or professional service) or the "Unlimited" plan (for those who are expecting a larger amount of web traffic, or need additional storage space). If you have an online store, or want to accept payments on your site you should sign up for at least the 'Business Basic' plan.

PRO TIP: You may be offered a 50% discount on yearly plans to upgrade to premium. If so, we recommend purchasing as many years as possible to take full advantage of the discount.

3.2) Register/Connect Your Domain

You can register your domain with any domain registrar you choose, however purchasing at least 1 year of premium on most plans will give you a FREE domain credit for 1 year. For this most people will purchase their domain with WiX.

That being said, GoDaddy is the world largest domain registrar, and may offer you the best pricing in the game. You can choose to register your domain with ANY domain registrar and point it to your WiX website. Our team actually prefers Google Domains ( as our recommended domain registrar for their ease of use, customization, and standardized rates. All of our company domains are with Google Domains.

Once you have your domain, and you have premium set up on your website, you can pair your domain to your new site. Follow the prompts, but if you need assistance during this process you can Hire A Pro to assist You.

3.3) Setup Google Analytics

There are several analytics apps available to your WiX website, and WiX offers an extra upgrade through their Ascend Business Tools that will cost you monthly to track your stats. Google Analytics, however, is still the best one out there. It is a powerful tool that will track your site visitors behavior, location, clicks, & more. Oh.. and its FREE.

Go to and follow the prompts to set up Google Analytics. Then go to 'Marketing Integrations', under 'Marketing & SEO' on your WiX dashboard to connect your Google Analytics account. If you need assistance during this process you can Hire A Pro to Assist You.

3.4) Get Found On Google

Go to​ your WiX dashboard and select "Get Found on Google", under the "Marketing & SEO" tab. This will prompt you to begin the WiX SEO Wizard. This will ask you a series of questions about your business and your website. Follow the prompts to help optimize your site for search engines.

To manually edit the basic SEO info, URL, page title, & meta descriptions for each individual page, go to 'Manage Pages' on the WiX Editor. Then click the 3 dots on the right of the page you're working on, and choose 'SEO Basics'.

SEO prep can be confusing if you don't understand SEO. The WiX SEO Wiz makes this process smooth and simple. If you run into a roadblock, or would like a professional to handle this part for you, Hire A Pro today!

3.5) Social Sharing Images & Descriptions

You may want to update the social sharing image and description for each page, to help give your website that polished feel. When someone sends a link to your website to someone else in Messenger, posts it on Facebook, or tweets it on Twitter, you want the little preview that shows up to be accurate and professional.

It's worth looking at what's set for each page on your website, even if you don't change much. You can simply use your logo for your sharing image, but you'll want to write a brief description for each page, and for each article in your blog.

This part can be a little time consuming, especially if you have a lot of pages on your website. And you may not know what to write, that's okay! You can Hire A Pro to help complete this for you.

3.6) Cookie Consent Banner

To comply with privacy laws, any website that collects information about its visitors must have the visitor's consent to track their information. Typically this is done with a "Cookie Consent Banner" that requests the visitors permission to track their use of the website through the use of "cookies".

WiX makes this easy to install, but most people will miss this. Technically if they collect info or track customer statistics, their website is operating outside the law.

Simply go to your WiX dashboard, and choose "Privacy & cookies" under the "Settings" tab to turn on a Cookie Consent Banner on your website. You may choose to edit what the banner says to better match your branding or style.

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