14 Reasons Your Church Needs A Great Website

14 Reasons Your Church Needs A Great Website


Chances are if you attend, serve, or work at a church in the US or Canada, your church has a website that isn't being used to it's full potential. And if your website is under-utilized, you're missing out on one of the best ways to reach people in the 21st century. There are a LOT of benefits to having a nice website for your church, and very few downsides.

Whether you want to make it easier on your office staff by automating certain tasks, or you're looking for a way to connect with your congregation & new members the other 6 days of the week, you're website can do a LOT more than you might think. Maybe you need a easy way to broadcast your services online, or want to provide studies or other resources to your growing church family, your website can do a more than just providing another chance to pass the collection plate.

Here's a few ways your church could benefit from having a great website:

Connect With New Members

Spread The Good News

This is one of the main reasons your church needs a great website. As Christians we're called to spread the good news of the gospel of Jesus. If you don't have a great website, you're missing out on a huge opportunity and useful tool to cast your net a little wider. There are literally hundreds of way to use your website to reach others online.

A Website Works While You Sleep

Your website can welcome new members 24hrs a day (even while you sleep), introduce what your church family is all about, and encourage them to visit or join your congregation. Hiring an office assistant or receptionist to answer the phones may work well 8-10hrs a day, however a website can help manage the other 2/3 of the day that when the phones aren't covered.

A Personal Connection

Early in a visitors journey with your congregation, they may have more history with your website than with your church itself. When researching for a new church, people will often read and interact with your website to learn a little about you before they arrive. This means that your website is often the first interaction they have with your staff and members. Your website can serve as the first "greeter" they meet and can have a lasting impact on their initial visit.

Resources For Your Congregation

Easily Share Your Ministry

Your website can be a easily shareable tool for your members to reach out to their friends & family, and share a message, an article, or even to provide easy directions and parking instructions when they come visit. Your website can empower your members to connect with others by providing them a tool to share easily with others.

Learning & Faith Development

A website can be central resource for posting useful tools, bible studies, recommended reading plans and more. Your members can use these resources to continue learning and growing in their faith even at home. You can make this content available along with a themed sermon series to extend the learning from the pulpit to their personal devices.

Direct Link From Pastor To Member

A clever method to connect with your members is with a 'Pastor's Blog', or a series of short messages that allow the pastor to speak their daily thoughts and concepts directly to members. Sometimes this is a short daily blog post by the pastor that gets sent out to members via email encouraging them for the day, or incorporating something from Sunday's message. This can also look like a podcast or video series featuring short 5-10min messages that can be a daily resources for people before work, on their lunch break, or while the kids are napping.

Small Groups/Connect Groups

One wonderful aspect of church life is the other members you can grow and learn with. A lot of churches have adopted organized "Connect Groups" or "Small Groups" that encourage growth of their members in small settings outside of scheduled services. Your website can help you manage this, present the groups and their purpose, and even encourage signups for members to join.

Information Dissemination

Upcoming Events

A website can act as an awesome tool to let members and visitors know about upcoming events. You can record RSVP's, sell tickets, accept volunteer signups, and lots more.

Becoming a Member

If a new visitor decided to join your church, how easy is it for them to do that? Do know what they need to do? Or who to talk to? Your website can be a useful tool for presenting information and instructions for new members; including what steps they need to take to become a member of your church family.

Covid Protocol/Emergency Info

Recommended protocol for protecting your members from Covid can change almost daily. Keeping your members informed on what's expected from them, and letting them know what steps you're taking to ensure their safety can be an essential use for your website. Your website can be a simple place for members to visit to get the newest info before attending a Sunday service, event, or small group.

NOTE: There are MANY uses for presenting key information on your website (more than listed above)

Serve A Purpose

Online Giving

Your website can be a great home base to accept tithes & gifts securely online. With more and more people giving with a card these days instead of breaking out the check book, this can be an essential tool for your members and financial health. You can even present ways to give to specific needs, or to raise funds for causes that you support.

Online Book Store

Some large churches have a book store on campus that can provide cool bible studies, devotionals, and other materials to help members grow. For a lot of churches, especially start ups and older ministries it can be difficult to add such a feature as there is no space to put the store. Your website can provide an online book store for your members. Offer programs and studies that you recommend, and provide links to download their content immediately, or to have it shipped to their home.

Volunteer Signups

Do any community service projects? Or support any local ministries or food banks? Your website can be a tool to help you collect volunteer signups and even organize teams for different activities. Your website can also be a go-to place for volunteers to receive updates about trips, plans, or last minute changes.

Online Services

Your website can also serve as a hub for those who either can't attend service in person, or would rather join online. Since 2020, people attending service online has skyrocketed. Your website can be an easy place for people to go on any device to watch, join, or interact with services and other events. Visitors can also look up previously recorded sermons, connect with the church online, and provide access to resources for new members and existing members alike.


Having a great website for your church can be a useful, practical, & even necessary tool these days in your church's tool belt. The list above is by no means complete. Be creative! How can you use a website to serve YOUR church family?

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